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Download & install Latest Tally Erp9 software

please Click here for Download

How to Install Tally Erp9 Software :

After downloading the tally software from the link above, the tally setup file will look like the image below

First steps :

Please double-click on the tally “setup” icon below the picture

install tally1

2nd Steps :

After double clicking the icon above , you will see an option like the image below and please click the Yes button

instally tally2

3rd Steps :

In the third step you will see the picture below . Click the install button here .

instally tally2

4th Steps :

The fourth step is to start installing the software tally just like the picture below. Here you have to wait 2 to 5 minutes until the tally is fully installed.

instally tally2

5th Steps:

When you see options like the picture below on your computer you will know that tally the software has been fully installed. Now you click on the Donebutton.

instally tally2

After clicking the Done button tally the software will launch itself just like the picture below. If you want to exit the software tallly press the Esc key on the keyboard .

instally tally2