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Master MS Excel from Beginner to Advanced Course

Instructor Sandipan Bag
Enrol By 195 Students
Level Basic to Advance Training
Language Bengali
Lectures 120+

Price : Rs.750/- Rs.140046.4% saving Rs.650/-

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Course Details

MS Excel is one of the most important skills in today's job market. Having a solid working knowledge of Excel can improve your job performance, help you qualify for raises and promotions, or even help you land that new job that you deserve. If you're a business professional,student and employee who uses using Microsoft Excel on a daily basis, this is the course for you!

What Will Learn?

In this course you will learn all the tab details of Excel - HOME, INSERT, PAGE LAYOUT, FORMULAS, DATA, REVIEW, VIEW etc.Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced, Learn the most common Excel functions used in the Office, dynamic formulas with IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH functions and many more.

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